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Saturday, 10 October 2015

SPM 2015

Hey... Hahahaha 
Its been almost 2 years I left this blog.
Well here I am. First post in 2015.
SPM 2014?? Yeah I'm gonna be talking about 
what happen before and after SPM.

So as you guys know SPM 2014 Result had been out in 19 March 2015
I dont know how to say but lets just say I did what I coul do and the result it is what it is.
Before SPM, 
Seriously I never had intention to take Science Stream
But the school gave me no choice.
So I'm stucked with what I hate for 2 years.
Basically my good academic report went down....
Especially those Killer Subjects.

I dont know why but I just dont think I'm into science. 
And I'm more to arts. Lol by arts I dont mean music,acting and so on.
But I try my best to at least improve so I will not fail any subjects 
for SPM.

So after SPM I felt likeeee yeahhh I'm freeeeeeeeeee af. 
3 months without books!
most of my friend went for a part time work
so do I.
I worked in my school Coop Mart as Cashier&S.Assistant.
hahahahahah funny rite. but I love my job. 
I wanted to go for better vacancy but due to some reasons yeahh.

so hereeeee we goooooo
I was so nervous during the SPM Result was out.
And guess what I get?
1A 2A- 1B+ 2C+ 2D 1E.
well its not bad but for me I think I could do better,
but sokay,,,ritee.

and as u all know 
I've been applying for admission and receiving offer letters from
And I tell you I lost abt RM 400.00 bcs I was so stupid taking the offer 
from this IPTS called Geomatika University College.
I guess I was swayed during the interview.
Lol. I really hate myself. But it was a mistake that I never gonna repeat again.
too all students do not apply for IPTS if ur not from rich family. bcs most IPTS
do not emphasize on maintaning their institution quality.
Though there are many unemployed-graduates from IPTA also but Most*not all* IPTA are better than IPTS.
Thats for sure,

so with my SPM result.... 
conditionally I actually wanted to take Form 6....
like seriouslyyy
though I've been applying for Matriks,UPU and PISMP
And I was rejected twice by matric.
PISMP also rejected me. well I'm not suprised.

So with courageous heart
I went for Form 6 registration on 5May2015....
Lol... I was kind of anticipating UPU but I dont hold hope anymore.
and when UPU result came out.....

*drum rolls*
I got accepted for Foundation in English in UIAM.
I was speechless.
Like I never expected it bcs of my result was not good enough.
plus me in UIAM??? lolllllllll

well for some reasons I do know why I can get the offer.
lets not talk about it hohoho
So i went back and forth thinking whether should i go for it or leave it 
and after 3 days of orientation in form 6 I decided to go for it.
I tell youuuu I was so mixed feeling abt it.
I had like 20 days before I fly to KL.
Sooo it was a really busy and hectic days,
I felt so bad leaving as my dad just passed away you know 2 months befre that
And on 31st of May  I finally arrived at KL...
and I will share the story of my 1st Sem in CFS UIAM in my next post.


Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Assalamualaikum. Heyy its been a long time since my
last post here. 

Sorry for not updating. 
I just finished sitting for SPM last november
I'm busy helping my father.
Yet I am so busy 

So as the title says I'm gonna bring 
all the viewers to refresh about SPM 2014
so here we go!

First up BM!
Spots question dont really help for paper1
but for paper 2 many spots question came out
BUT we all have been studying hard and focusing
on Gurindam and a few more
finally unexpected Mahsuri came out instead of Gurindam
we all was like -_______________-

for paper1 I hope its okay for me. I did quite well.
for paper 2 it was kind of challenging actually
yeahh since its one of my fav subject I did my best. My Very Best!
So I hope I'm not overconfident. Its just 
the question for the Novel Section was kind of difficult

paper 1 was okay lahhh
but paper 2!!!!! Yeahhh sudeenly batch 97 all the KBAT questions came out
the nangka durian, the water rocket and the fence for plants
I was like.......-,- 
but Alhamdulillah I hope I did my best to score the subject
I really pray that I wont dissapoint my teacher.

for the paper 1 I think I did quite good. 
for paper 2 alhamdulillah last minute studies came out
again we didnt get Hwang Ho as spotted 
instead Mesopotamia came out.
and paper 3 my hands are so tired 
due to excessive writing....
the question a little bit confusing
Alhamdulillah I hope I did my best fr History as the other subjects.

Agama Islam.
well I think personally the question quite helpful
plus the KBAT didnt came out on both paper.
It was a little bit relieve answering Agama Paper. 
I hope it turns out as I hope.

Now here we go the main 4 KILLER SUBJECTS!

Additional Mathematics. 
I am really worried about my answers.
Because I dont think I give my best but I did as I could
I just hope at least I got credit. 
I just dont want any subjects without credits.
KBAT question came out so many in paper 1
well I could say my Tuition worth it for all this while
since it helps me in answering
especially for paper 2. 
Credit to Nasrul for helping me to get a tuition class

hurmm I could say this is one of my least fav subject
I dont really like it. I tend to become sleepy during 
physics class,
Sorry teacher wong. but for spm 
Alhamdulillah I can answer a little bit 
since the question is not really hard especially paper 2 and 3
I've done my best 
Physics turn out to be okay than I expected.

Alhamdulillah the question was quite easy
but I did some silly mistakes. urghhhh
I just hope I score for this subject. 
And it was really helpful having sir irwan as our bio tchr
At least Biology is one of my fav from all the killer subjects



Well I think I already try my very best to answer 
and I really hope I got credits for this subject.
I really dont have any ineterest learning this thing from 
the very beginning of my life.
I just  dont know why but I just cant
well I guess there is no chemistry between us. lol

And thats it.


-i dont know why but Batch 97 suffered all the big exams. 
-KBAT questions suddenly started came out
-Agama Paper started to change format
-Maths Paper was a chaotic
-It all comes down to everyone effort

I hope and pray so that I will pass with flying colours 
as well as my friends and all the candidates. Amin Ya Rabb.

untill next time see ya!

Thursday, 17 July 2014


Assalamualaikum everyone.
I'm typing during night thats why I greet 
with gudnytee yeah

Well I guess its been a long time
since my last post abt my Conflict.
Yeahh talking abt that its settle already

Sorry for not keeping up.
well I'm so busy with my daily routine 
so I dnt really have a suitable time 
for Blog Updates.

Okay back to the main topic
its abt my Mid Year Exam
overrall it was kind of dissapointing
yeahhh but atleast I tried my best
for few subjects that I really work hard on

And as usual those 3 killer subjects that
always failed. I got 3 G and the G's are 
Physics,Addmaths n Chemistry
well I think I really need to think abt it. 
And also work on it.

plus my mom had to come to school 
for the Exam Result Slip.
arghhh even my mom knows
of course I'm still nervous abt it.

I just hope I can do better for SPM
and Raya is coming and I cant even feel 
the joyfulness because I really need 
to focus on SPM. 

And I already start taking tuition
I hope I really gonna work this out.
And I will give my best.
Pray for me Guys! '

till next time.

# M.A.B

Friday, 21 February 2014


Conflict. As the title said. So I wanna talk about conflict that happen at my school.
I dont know what is your problem. But to be honest I just cant get along with you. 
The way you talk,the way you act and so on. But I cant do anything because its your right.
But you said that be yourself  but you're not being yourself.....its what I see lah. kan.
You act like you've known everyone for 10 years and just do anything you like. 
You the one who dont know how to respect people and dont know how to blend in
yet we are the one who got blame because of you. I'm just sick of  being patient. But whatver it is
please get a hold of yourself.  I dont wanna think much about this anymore. You with your own life and I'm with my life. If you the one started the war then you should know where the blame is. 


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Tunishah Jayaprakas Goodbye :')

Hey this is me again.
This time I'm gonna talk about my besties
Tunishah Jayaprakas
a precious person in my life. 

I got to know her since last year. 
that time was on the early of 2013...
At first I dont really kind of close with her.
Yalah first impression mah...

and then we become quite close lah...
we rest together. and that time theres also a new student
which is my bestfriend also now..
so...we had a good time

but we actually fought a lot last year
yeahhh bcause of my ego sometimes...
because of her attitude sometimes
but until this year we've getting better.

And during one the earlier 2013 
she was supposed to move to KL
but she didnt...
I think I was too happy but the fact
that shes moving is true.

She will be studying in KL next year.
now she already in KL...

Shes a great person.
She is like a friend 
that will make u feel ease in heart
but give u a pain in the neck
at same time.

Well shes a rough girl but dont mean
she is lesbo or what..
but she kind of like the boy style.
but the fact is she still a normal girl with feelings like 
other girls out there.

Maybe people hate her attitude that always curse 
but thats her rite?
at least shes not fake.
If you got to know her better and understand herself
fr sure u will make a great friendship with her.

She is an amazing , great and nice girl.
if you know her...

We shared our laugh,cry,happy,dissapointed moment 
together....she always be there
and I will always be there.

My dear best friend Nishah.
Listen to me

no matter what happens or who ever
that will come into ur life after this
dont ever let them make u miserable.
dont ever give a damn abouth those 
who hates you.

You always said that you're not beautiful like
the others, But be confident i urself.
Beauty of a person does not depends on the outside 
but its all about ur natural beauty and ur sincere heart.

Just ignore those bitches that try
to ruin your life.



P/S: Take care nishah. Always inform me anything. Dont ever keep ur problem alone.
I'll always be there fr you to listen. FIGHT FR SPM 2014.


Another Book of Life. :)

Hey its me. I'm back after long time not updating my blog. Here we go. So 2014 just started 3 weeks ago. and that means I'm turning  to 17 this year which also mean SPMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!
hohoho.I'm quite nervous actually for this year. And yeah in 2013 I had a lot of memories wheteher bad or good. :) But lets just move on for another book of life. And on my first day of school I swear it was kind of not really excited...just okayy but yeah as first day school started, so the Principal. Since he has not been talking for 2 months yeah he talks for 31 minutes on the first assembly. and continue by the Discpline Department spotcheck. I hate to say abou this but yeahh I really had a mess on first day early in the morning.....-,- I think its the worst first day school ever I take back my words up the saying its okay. 
My hair was completely in a worse condition that I never wanna been through... -,- SUMPAKKKKKKK
yeahh thank god I got some help from my friends that experiencing same thing with me. I dont know how am I gonna go around the school if it werent because of my friends. Thanks to Fadhil and Solehan. 
And the sucks part is when some of my friend were given time and we're not. Urghhhh.
But at the first place I also regret for not cutting my hair before the first day. 

So thia year school session is without one of my beloved bestfriend Tunishah. I miss her a lot eventhough we curse each other and we're fight sometimes. But shes one of best person that been into my lifeeee. :)
Hohohoho. So for 3 weeks things that happen is I'm kind of excited doing homework act.....hahahahhahah!!! TRUST ME! Its true okayyyyy I also rajinnnn ttba.....kau ada?? Teda kan. Then with the timetable changing Its better I guess. And we also have our own class this year! Yeayyyyyyy! so no worries about book.But theres too much thing to pay early of the year. -,- SPM u knowwww.... so this year I really hope I get up back and work hard to get many A's in SPM or atleast B+ or A- for 4 killer subjects.  Especially Addmath,Chemistry and Physics. Yeahh so we also start to decorate our class this year. And one thing I'm sad about is I'm leaving school as well as the teachers and my beloved friends. 
So what I want my wish really come true by my efforts. YOU CAN DO IT AZHARRRRR! FIGHTING. 

See u guys next time :)

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Outing Day with Le'Friends And Tunishah's Farewell. :')

Heyy I'm back on the blog. huhuhu...
Saw the title? yeahh its happen yesterday
26 October 2013 full of love with
classmates and friends.

Yesterday we had a year end party actually together
for outing together. and its also my last day 
of outing with a bestfriend of my mine.

Heyy so we gather together
at Mcd Api-Api then we 
have our meal at McD it was fun and 
we enjoy our meal...

After that we breaks into a few groups
we went to book for Insidous 2
some of them went to B Floor of CP 
and some of them were with their couple.

Then our movie start 2.50.
we went to have a sightseeing in Cp lol
and I bought a new watch fr me. 
I love it. tunishah buy one too.

Then we walk in the cp to
the CD Game Shop,Buying drinks,
and have fun together actually. 

Then we went to the Cinema 
and before that the others went to buy popcorns
and we met with the boys group
they also gonna watch Insidious 2.

then at first it was like
a little bit messed up
 but its okay finally :)

Then during the movie
the crowds all are sporting eventhough 
we dont know each other,
and then when theres a scary 
or shocking scene
it full of scream....I'm one of it. XD

The person beside me is like giving me a stare 
everytime when I shout. but who cares rite?
lol.and Insidious 2 is fun though 
really. and i guess theres gonna
be Insidous 3 after this.

then after the movie...we went to Sushi King.
Hahha I still remember the first time when 
I come to Sushi King.
lol its fucking embarassing actually.

But this time I didnt
do the same mistake like
I did before yeahhh
congrattts to me.

lol.....and none of them remember me 
actually I think so..
then after that we separate and heading home..

and actually yesterday I really had a great time with you guys
Thank You so Much My Friends. 
I love you guys so much. 

Here takes a look of the pictures.

me and fikri in Sushi King

Gonna miss her when she gone. :')

Fahmi And Saby

Fikri and Me.

Le Friends.