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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Outing wif Le'Friends

Heyy Me again here. haha bored enough? yeahh me too
Its Holiday....yeahh but it feels like not holiday actually
coz theres a lot of homeworks from school..
I dnt even get it if theres a holiday why the homeworks still
given? Its not a holiday anymore isnt?

derr...ok btw last wenesday I had really great moments
with my friends....eventhough some of us cannot make it..
but still we enjoy outing together.
first we gather around McD at basement floor.
yeahh at Centre Point.

then we wait fr some friends to arrive
and then some of us booked a movie ticket too early
a few going fr The Croods, and some of us watched  Jack and The Giant Slayer
and the others including me...
we watched The Last Exorcism 2....

after buying ticket we went to Eatons fr buying some refrence book
plus some of us were looking fr file fr bm...
and at first we dnt found it...but at last when we go again and checked 
the file is there....ohh mannn derr....nvmnd I already bought it
the next day...haha.

then we went to Palm Cafe 
but at first they wanted to go to Sushi King.
and yeahh its full.
nvmnd...we eat later at there....

and here some pictures while we were at Palm's Cafe.
Nasrul and bestfriend.
Fikri and Fahmi. they are besties...

The girls....Pajie,Natt,Wateng,Zaina.

and then we went to watch movie.its so embarassing...
the girls start to scream when enters the cinema coz theres
sounds of screaming and the front seats is empty..
and people was like....'shhhhhh' hahaha screwed us!

Thats what we got fr watching Horror
and then we tried to contact the others after finish watching...
and yeahh the most problem in CP at that time is...
The Digi Line isnt working..

and that cause a lot of problem to us...
many of us use digi. thats why....
and then we took some pictures before head to Sushi King...

haha its us....after done watching movies...

 its us in posing mood haha.

then we head to Sushi King.....
it was a disaster at first going into that restaurant...
we all was like just sit down and do nothing...
ahhhh feel so many eyes looking at us...
but at last we did eat there...

the worst part fr me is
I asked the guy working there...
is there a milo ice here? and the guy was like
shocked and 'dude u out of ur mind?'
the he laugh much ok, XD

and we all enjoy eating feels nice.
then theres some incidents was like so funny...haha. no need to tell.
 and here some pictures.

Fikri and me

Shahrizal,Nas and Fahmi.

After that we went fr a walk....and then some of us went to surau and toilet..
yeahh we all enjoy together....
like yeahhh and we took a few photos before going home...
sad to leave themmmbut nevermind....
next time we'll meet again...
thanks guys fr the GREAT DAY AND MEMORIES. I LOVE YA!

hey its the guy...muka banduan kunun haha....

muka illyas epic....

we took  pictures infront eatons...haha

 this one too....

hahaha at last
we all went home aroun 7pm and some of us were
with their family members.
and yeahhh A VERY GREAT DAY....


Ujian Setara 1

Heyy its me coming back on blogger.
sorry fr not being active.
I had a very busy life when getting in Form4
and plus theres gonna be a class rearrangment.
SUCKS. yeahh why did they need to do this after 3 months? derr =='

ok get back to topic.
Its abt Ujian Setara 1 or in english 1st Intra-Semester Exam.
and yeahh I'm not even fully prepared or 
should I say I dnt even do any preparations before exam..
I dnt even read a single thing from any books fr any subjects.
yeahh serves me right.....

when I sit fr those papers during exam...
I was like yeahh shit. what the fck is this?
I dnt even can answer it especially those killer subjects..
Stress much like yeahhh.....-,-
thats what I deserve fr not studying at all.

and yeahh fr History I really2 lost. like I just answer it
without thinking. I just aim the KBKK question...
and yeahh I fail History fr the first time 
in my life...haha.

and then yeah like expected I got 10/100 fr Addmaths
the lowest mark ever! but nevermind its not
I'm the only one. hahaaha....
and when I got my result fr all subjects
its not bad...still I got an A. haha...

BM:76 highest kira banggalah juga tp bukan over.
BI:100 yeahh I was like 'OMG' is this my paper? Syukur Alhamdulillah.
Maths: haha nothing much to complain...but 65 not bad..
History:haha I already guess it between 20-30. its 28 lol.
PI:I'm not sure but so far I know I got 66. yeahh down actually.
Chemistry:haha the one and only I pass in science subject. 44.
BIO:still dnt get ...but I think I fail too.
Physic: I think I should cncetrate more than laughing so much in the class. 20
Addmaths:haha yeahh the worst among all. 10 -,-

The conclusion is I really need to focus
otherwise I'm gonna really go through hard time 
during form4....seriously....Science Stream is not easy as u think...
if u dnt get well prepared thats how u gonna feel during exam...

and yeahhh I think I see u guys in another post bubye! thanks fr reading :)