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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Outing Day with Le'Friends And Tunishah's Farewell. :')

Heyy I'm back on the blog. huhuhu...
Saw the title? yeahh its happen yesterday
26 October 2013 full of love with
classmates and friends.

Yesterday we had a year end party actually together
for outing together. and its also my last day 
of outing with a bestfriend of my mine.

Heyy so we gather together
at Mcd Api-Api then we 
have our meal at McD it was fun and 
we enjoy our meal...

After that we breaks into a few groups
we went to book for Insidous 2
some of them went to B Floor of CP 
and some of them were with their couple.

Then our movie start 2.50.
we went to have a sightseeing in Cp lol
and I bought a new watch fr me. 
I love it. tunishah buy one too.

Then we walk in the cp to
the CD Game Shop,Buying drinks,
and have fun together actually. 

Then we went to the Cinema 
and before that the others went to buy popcorns
and we met with the boys group
they also gonna watch Insidious 2.

then at first it was like
a little bit messed up
 but its okay finally :)

Then during the movie
the crowds all are sporting eventhough 
we dont know each other,
and then when theres a scary 
or shocking scene
it full of scream....I'm one of it. XD

The person beside me is like giving me a stare 
everytime when I shout. but who cares rite?
lol.and Insidious 2 is fun though 
really. and i guess theres gonna
be Insidous 3 after this.

then after the movie...we went to Sushi King.
Hahha I still remember the first time when 
I come to Sushi King.
lol its fucking embarassing actually.

But this time I didnt
do the same mistake like
I did before yeahhh
congrattts to me.

lol.....and none of them remember me 
actually I think so..
then after that we separate and heading home..

and actually yesterday I really had a great time with you guys
Thank You so Much My Friends. 
I love you guys so much. 

Here takes a look of the pictures.

me and fikri in Sushi King

Gonna miss her when she gone. :')

Fahmi And Saby

Fikri and Me.

Le Friends. 


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