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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Another Book of Life. :)

Hey its me. I'm back after long time not updating my blog. Here we go. So 2014 just started 3 weeks ago. and that means I'm turning  to 17 this year which also mean SPMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!
hohoho.I'm quite nervous actually for this year. And yeah in 2013 I had a lot of memories wheteher bad or good. :) But lets just move on for another book of life. And on my first day of school I swear it was kind of not really excited...just okayy but yeah as first day school started, so the Principal. Since he has not been talking for 2 months yeah he talks for 31 minutes on the first assembly. and continue by the Discpline Department spotcheck. I hate to say abou this but yeahh I really had a mess on first day early in the morning.....-,- I think its the worst first day school ever I take back my words up the saying its okay. 
My hair was completely in a worse condition that I never wanna been through... -,- SUMPAKKKKKKK
yeahh thank god I got some help from my friends that experiencing same thing with me. I dont know how am I gonna go around the school if it werent because of my friends. Thanks to Fadhil and Solehan. 
And the sucks part is when some of my friend were given time and we're not. Urghhhh.
But at the first place I also regret for not cutting my hair before the first day. 

So thia year school session is without one of my beloved bestfriend Tunishah. I miss her a lot eventhough we curse each other and we're fight sometimes. But shes one of best person that been into my lifeeee. :)
Hohohoho. So for 3 weeks things that happen is I'm kind of excited doing homework act.....hahahahhahah!!! TRUST ME! Its true okayyyyy I also rajinnnn ttba.....kau ada?? Teda kan. Then with the timetable changing Its better I guess. And we also have our own class this year! Yeayyyyyyy! so no worries about book.But theres too much thing to pay early of the year. -,- SPM u knowwww.... so this year I really hope I get up back and work hard to get many A's in SPM or atleast B+ or A- for 4 killer subjects.  Especially Addmath,Chemistry and Physics. Yeahh so we also start to decorate our class this year. And one thing I'm sad about is I'm leaving school as well as the teachers and my beloved friends. 
So what I want my wish really come true by my efforts. YOU CAN DO IT AZHARRRRR! FIGHTING. 

See u guys next time :)

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