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Friday, 21 February 2014


Conflict. As the title said. So I wanna talk about conflict that happen at my school.
I dont know what is your problem. But to be honest I just cant get along with you. 
The way you talk,the way you act and so on. But I cant do anything because its your right.
But you said that be yourself  but you're not being yourself.....its what I see lah. kan.
You act like you've known everyone for 10 years and just do anything you like. 
You the one who dont know how to respect people and dont know how to blend in
yet we are the one who got blame because of you. I'm just sick of  being patient. But whatver it is
please get a hold of yourself.  I dont wanna think much about this anymore. You with your own life and I'm with my life. If you the one started the war then you should know where the blame is. 


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