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Thursday, 17 July 2014


Assalamualaikum everyone.
I'm typing during night thats why I greet 
with gudnytee yeah

Well I guess its been a long time
since my last post abt my Conflict.
Yeahh talking abt that its settle already

Sorry for not keeping up.
well I'm so busy with my daily routine 
so I dnt really have a suitable time 
for Blog Updates.

Okay back to the main topic
its abt my Mid Year Exam
overrall it was kind of dissapointing
yeahhh but atleast I tried my best
for few subjects that I really work hard on

And as usual those 3 killer subjects that
always failed. I got 3 G and the G's are 
Physics,Addmaths n Chemistry
well I think I really need to think abt it. 
And also work on it.

plus my mom had to come to school 
for the Exam Result Slip.
arghhh even my mom knows
of course I'm still nervous abt it.

I just hope I can do better for SPM
and Raya is coming and I cant even feel 
the joyfulness because I really need 
to focus on SPM. 

And I already start taking tuition
I hope I really gonna work this out.
And I will give my best.
Pray for me Guys! '

till next time.

# M.A.B

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