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Saturday, 10 October 2015

SPM 2015

Hey... Hahahaha 
Its been almost 2 years I left this blog.
Well here I am. First post in 2015.
SPM 2014?? Yeah I'm gonna be talking about 
what happen before and after SPM.

So as you guys know SPM 2014 Result had been out in 19 March 2015
I dont know how to say but lets just say I did what I coul do and the result it is what it is.
Before SPM, 
Seriously I never had intention to take Science Stream
But the school gave me no choice.
So I'm stucked with what I hate for 2 years.
Basically my good academic report went down....
Especially those Killer Subjects.

I dont know why but I just dont think I'm into science. 
And I'm more to arts. Lol by arts I dont mean music,acting and so on.
But I try my best to at least improve so I will not fail any subjects 
for SPM.

So after SPM I felt likeeee yeahhh I'm freeeeeeeeeee af. 
3 months without books!
most of my friend went for a part time work
so do I.
I worked in my school Coop Mart as Cashier&S.Assistant.
hahahahahah funny rite. but I love my job. 
I wanted to go for better vacancy but due to some reasons yeahh.

so hereeeee we goooooo
I was so nervous during the SPM Result was out.
And guess what I get?
1A 2A- 1B+ 2C+ 2D 1E.
well its not bad but for me I think I could do better,
but sokay,,,ritee.

and as u all know 
I've been applying for admission and receiving offer letters from
And I tell you I lost abt RM 400.00 bcs I was so stupid taking the offer 
from this IPTS called Geomatika University College.
I guess I was swayed during the interview.
Lol. I really hate myself. But it was a mistake that I never gonna repeat again.
too all students do not apply for IPTS if ur not from rich family. bcs most IPTS
do not emphasize on maintaning their institution quality.
Though there are many unemployed-graduates from IPTA also but Most*not all* IPTA are better than IPTS.
Thats for sure,

so with my SPM result.... 
conditionally I actually wanted to take Form 6....
like seriouslyyy
though I've been applying for Matriks,UPU and PISMP
And I was rejected twice by matric.
PISMP also rejected me. well I'm not suprised.

So with courageous heart
I went for Form 6 registration on 5May2015....
Lol... I was kind of anticipating UPU but I dont hold hope anymore.
and when UPU result came out.....

*drum rolls*
I got accepted for Foundation in English in UIAM.
I was speechless.
Like I never expected it bcs of my result was not good enough.
plus me in UIAM??? lolllllllll

well for some reasons I do know why I can get the offer.
lets not talk about it hohoho
So i went back and forth thinking whether should i go for it or leave it 
and after 3 days of orientation in form 6 I decided to go for it.
I tell youuuu I was so mixed feeling abt it.
I had like 20 days before I fly to KL.
Sooo it was a really busy and hectic days,
I felt so bad leaving as my dad just passed away you know 2 months befre that
And on 31st of May  I finally arrived at KL...
and I will share the story of my 1st Sem in CFS UIAM in my next post.


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